Rails SaaS

October 6–7, 2022
Dream Hollywood
Los Angeles, California

Meeting at the intersection of Rails and business

The future of Rails is exciting! In 2022, Ruby on Rails remains one of the easiest, most accessible, and best taught ways for indie developers and small teams to build and launch SaaS businesses that can grow and scale. Join us as we gather like-minded entrepreneurs and software developers around that goal for a unique, two-day conference.

Hosted by Andrew Culver and your friends at Bullet Train.


A small, next-generation Ruby on Rails conference

Top-Shelf Presentations

Rails-loving SaaS operators will focus on the product, engineering, and business insights and tooling that helped them succeed.

A Hollywood Production

Local industry producers will work with speakers to capture their content so we can help many more people online.

Built-in Hallway Track

Our session schedule is low-key, leaving lots of time to catch up with old friends and make new ones, and our venue is perfect for it.


Come meet with Rails and SaaS veterans who love helping newcomers on their product and business journeys.

Gorgeous Venue

Dream Hollywood is beautifully designed and perfectly located. Less "business conference," more "vacation with friends."

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Walkable Neighborhood

An incredible number of restaurants and experiences within walking distance, right in the core of downtown Hollywood.

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Todd Dickerson

Co-Founder, ClickFunnels

Saron Yitbarek

Founder, Disco

Don Pottinger

Co-Founder, LanguaTalk

Colleen Schnettler

Co-Founder, Hammerstone

Michael Buckbee

Founder, Expedited Security

Nadia Odunayo

Founder & CEO, The StoryGraph

Mike Coutermarsh

"code", PlanetScale

Joe Masilotti

Founder, railsdevs

Adam Pallozzi

Co-Founder, SleepHQ

Jason Charnes

Lead Product Developer, Podia

Evan Phoenix

Principle Engineer, HashiCorp

Andrew Culver

Creator, Bullet Train


Join us in L.A.

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Early Bird

$ 249

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$ 299


More tickets may become available. If you'd like to join us, please follow @RailsSaaS and sign up for email updates.



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